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Oduduwa, Olofin Adimula, Emperor and First Suzerain of the Yoruba, was the Oba of Ile-Ife. His name, phonetically written by Yoruba language-speakers as Odùduwà and sometimes contracted as Odudua or Oòdua, is generally ascribed to the ancestral dynasty of Yoruba land because he is held by the Yoruba to have been the ancestor of their numerous crowned kings. Following his posthumous deification, he was admitted to the Yoruba pantheon as an aspect of a primordial divinity of the same name.

When Oduduwa rose to be a prominent citizen of ancient Ife, he and his group are believed to have conquered most of the 13 component communities and deposed Obatala, then evolved the palace structure with its effective centralized power and dynasty. Going by the tribal records, he is commonly referred to as the first Ooni of Ife and progenitor of the legitimate Kings of the Yoruba people.

Some oral traditions claim that Oduduwa was Olodumare’s favourite orisha, and as such was sent from heaven to create the earth.
There is much controversy concerning him and his place and names in the Yoruba pantheon, and consensus on the subject is as elusive as it is with any other “creation myth”. However, the Ife are known for telling the following story:
A certain number of divinities were to accomplish the task of helping earth develop its crust. On one of these visits Obatala, the King of White Clothes, took to the stage equipped with a mollusk that held in its shell some form of soil; two winged beasts and some cloth like material. Having made palm wine from the palm trees he caused to grow after shaping the planet, he began to drink ; soon falling into a drunken stupor, he was unable to accomplish the task he was originally given. Olodumare then sent Oduduwa to save what was left of the mission.
When Oduduwa found the Obatala in a “tipsy” state, he simply took over and completed the tasks. The place which he leaped onto from the heavens and which he redeemed from the water to become land was named Ile-Ife and is now considered the sacred and spiritual heart of Yorubaland.
Due to this experience, Obatala is said to have subsequently made it a taboo for any of his devotees to drink palm wine.
Forgiven by Olodumare, he was later given the responsibility of molding the physical bodies of human beings; the making of land in this story is said to be a symbolic reference to the founding of the Yoruba kingdoms, and this is why Oduduwa is credited with the achievement.


Oranmiyan was the grandson and the most adventurous of the members of Oduduwa’s household; taking the title of Alafin, he succeeded in raising a very strong army and expanding his kingdom to an empire. Regarded as being founder of the Oyo Kingdom, some accounts state he was also the third ruler of Ife.

After the dispersal of the family of kings and queens, the aborigines became ungovernable, and constituted themselves into a serious threat to the survival of Ife. Thought to be supporters of Obatala who had ruled the land before the arrival of Oduduwa, these people turned themselves into marauders. They would come to town in costumes made of raffia with terrible and fearsome appearances, and burn down houses and loot the markets. It is at this point that Moremi Ajasoro, a princess of the Ooduan dynasty by marriage to Oranmiyan, is said to have come onto the scene; she subsequently played a significant role in restoring normalcy back to the situation through a spying mission.By allowing herself to be captured and taken away with them.

She got married to the king who wanted pleasures from her but she wouldn’t give in because she was married and was on a mission. She told him to tell her the secret of the marauders, he didn’t want to tell her but after so much pressure he gave in. He told her that the only thing they fear was FIRE, if they saw fire they would run. After this information she plotted an escape plan. She asked for some oranges and made the juice have a sleeping effect on the palace people. but when they woke up she had gone to tell her people and they were prepared for the marauders.

Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi

Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi(Ojaja II, Ooni of Ife born October 17, 1974) is a Nigerian Accountant and the 51st Ooni of Ife. He succeeded the late Oba Okunade Sijuwade who died on July 28, 2015. The Vangurd Newspaper described him as “an astute entrepreneur driven by turning impossibilities to ‘possibilities’” in its publication on October 27, 2015.
In 2002, Adeyeye led the Federal Government delegation to Canada that enhanced alliances through a partnership with the government of Ondo State on solid mineral.

Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi is from Giesi Royal Family, one of the four royal families in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. The last Ooni from the family was Ooni Derin Ologbenla (1880-1894). Oba Ogunwusi assumed the title of Ojaja the Second. Ojaja the first was from Agbedegbede Compound, Iremo Quarters (the ancestral home of the Giesi). His father is Prince Ropo Ogunwusi, a veteran broadcaster.

Oba Ogunwusi received his Staff of Office from Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Raufu Adesoji Aregbesola on Monday 7th December 2015 at Enuwa Square, Ile-Ife in the presence of several dignitaries from all walks of life including the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.
Ooni Ogunwusi promised to unite all the Yoruba and avoid supremacy tussle with any monarch it is indeed a new dawn. It is our God that makes a king, and i am grateful to God for preparing me for this throne. I did not become a king by accident, God designed it to be so because as a prince, I had personal dealings with over 20kings and i will explore this to work for the unity of all Yoruba monarchs. Immediately I was selected by the kingmakers, I called the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona and discussed with him the essence of bringing everybody together. I am glad to say that today we are on the same page. I also called Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi. We spoke at length. He came around during my seclusion. I have also met with Oba Akiolu of Lagos apart from many other traditional rulers that I have personal relationships with. So gradually, the Yoruba kingdom is coming together. I want to admit that fingers are not equal, but there must be unity.

The youthful Ooni also promised to do a lot for the youths I will do a lot for the youths and improve on our values. I consider myself to be fortunate because for somebody within my age grade to be closer to many leaders, is a rare privilege. And I have started some serious discussions with some monarchs that we are in the same age bracket to improve on the traditional institution.
Family life
Ooni Ogunwusi has a daughter, Adeola Aanuoluwapo Ogunwusi, born in Ibadan, in May 1994, who was born to Omolara Olatubosun with whom he has been a co-parent. In 2008, he married Olubukola Bombata.

List Of Oonis

  • Oduduwa
  • Osangangan Obamakin
  • Ogun
  • Obalufon Ogbogbodirin
  • Obalufon Alayemore(Obalufon II)
  • Oranmiyan
  • Ooni Ayetise
  • Lajamisan
  • Lajodoogun
  • Lafogido
  • Odidimode Rogbeesin
  • Aworokolokin
  • Ekun
  • Ajimuda
  • Gboonijio
  • Okanlajosin
  • Adegbalu
  • Osinkola
  • Ogboruu
  • Giesi
  • Luwoo
  • Lumobi
  • Agbedegbede
  • Ojelokunbirin
  • Lagunja
  • Larunnka
  • Ademilu
  • Omogbogbo
  • Ajila Oorun
  • Adejinle
  • Olojo
  • Okiti
  • Lugbade
  • Aribiwoso
  • Osinlade
  • Adagba
  • Ojigidiri
  • Akinmoyero(1770–1800)
  • Gbanlare(1800–1823)
  • Gbegbaaje(1823–1835)
  • Wunmonije(1835–1839)
  • Adegunle Adewela(1839–1849)
  • Degbinsokun(1849–1878)
  • Orarigba Ojaja I (1878–1880)
  • Derin Ologbenla(1880–1894)
  • Adelekan Olubuse I(1894–1910)
  • Adekola(1910)
  • Ademiluyi Ajagun(1910–1930)
  • Adesoji Aderemi(1930–1980)
  • Alayeluwa Oba Okunade SijuwadeOlubuse II (1980-2015)
  • Adeyeye Enitan OgunwusiOjaja II (Appointed October 25, 2015)

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