The show will have as pivot the Ooni of Ile-Ife who is the father of all Yoruba descendants both home
and in diaspora. With its rich history, Ile-Ife still holds loads of information as to who we are
as a race.
This platform is determined to open vistas of opportunity, educate, invite and woo interests in the
activities of the region.


To re-enact, reinvigorate and broadcast the richness of the Yoruba culture as a way to unite all
descendants of the Yoruba race and every black man considering the position of Oodua in world creation.


To host a show for all youths as a way of telling them history and involving them in the richness of
Ile-Ife as the home and Oduduwa is the Progenitor.
To use this platform to expose the importance of the Ooni as the mouthpiece of the Yoruba race and
every black man in diaspora and his importance to forging a positive future for the youths


    • Use this platform to educate, entertain the youths about the rich culture of the race
    • Establish a platform to create a positive relation between the adults and youths as a way of bridging
      the gap.
    • Use this platform to bring a unique partnership between youths as a way of creating entrepreneurship
    • Create a unique platform to celebrate together as a people bonded by one father.
    • Expose Ile-Ife, its culture, tourist points and its importance as the source of a race
      Let the world know the importance of Ile-Ife as the first city of Peace in the world
    • Use the Ooni as a rallying point for all Yoruba descendants home and in diaspora
    • Make and promote the Yoruba language a focal point for all
    • Expose all descendants to the rich history of the Yorubas
    • Rebuild and reawaken the tourist points in the ancient city and make them investment friendly
    • Raise awareness for all outstanding tourist attraction in the ancient city locally and internationally
    • Reduce government expenditure and involve private participation through advice, services and support they need
      to woo investors to the ancient city.


Individual youths from the age of 18-30 are required to participate. Special focus s giving to group participation (3-5persons). This will
be creating new business opportunities and ideas amongst the youths.
Youths who are presently doing their youth service can also apply. You must have some command of Yoruba and knowledge of history to aid qualification.


Particular attention will be giving to driving the process of university participation in the event. Participants will be
specifically requested to enter their university name when applying as an individual or group. The University with the
largest number of group participants or with the highest number of individual participants collectively will receive a
built N10million free wi-fi quadrangle in the university.


We require the support and sponsorship of a paint industry to provide ordinary colour paints the contestants
and create a product push with our Win a Home makeover. Each home selected by the contestants will be
painted by them in a competitive way. This will give the company a lot of product sales and mileage. The
company’s paint will also be used to paint the palace of the winner/s.


We require the support and sponsorship of an individual or group who regard philanthropy as a way of moving
the nation forward. A video of the philanthropists will be shown to the contestants with challenge. They will be
given an amount to help someone/family. the Philanthropist will select the winner of this group with a price.
the idea if to instill the act of philanthropy in our youths as a way of changing the psyche and improve entrepreneurship.