Shrines in Ile-Ife


Located in the sacred forest that lines the river Osun, is the shrine of a river goddess Osun. The river which runs near the shrine is believed to have special powers that aid fertility Adherents of the river goddess come from all over Africa, cuba,Brazil, Trinidad & Tobogo, Grennade, Europe and even the us among others to worship the Osun goddess every Year, to make prayer & sacrifies.


Susan wenger was an Austrian artist who arrived Osogbo in the 50’s and chose the Osun river grove as her abode, turning the place into an international tourist attraction with various works of Arts. She’s now refers to as Adunni Olorisa because of her dedication to the Osun goddess which she revived.


This shrine is dedicated to the god of Iron credited with the singular honor of providing pathways for the other gods on their journey to earth. The chief priest is OSOGUN.


Now popular as Oduduwa World Temple and Groove, the site is notable as the historical point where oduduwa, the legendary progenitor of the Yoruba race landed via a chain to found Ile Ife, as well as his final resting place. A statue of Oduduwa with the chain and staff, his final resting place and a map of Africa naturally carved out on a stone are some of the notable highlights of this historical site.


Locating World Ifa Temple in Ile -Ife, Osun State is not a difficult task, is located at Oke Itase in the ancient City or getting a motor bike will quickly direct interested visitor from Enuwa, the street where the Ooni of Ife’s palace is located. The World Ifa Temple in Ile- Ife is the seat of Araba Awo of the universe; it is about 50 metres to other houses in the shrine. The temple itself stands like a gigantic orthodox church, silent, yet loud with rolls of steps spread from the hill to the bottom for easy accessibility.