The culture of slavery or enslavement was never an African thing until the advent of the white man in Africa. In those days, commercial activities amongst citizens sometimes involved people borrowing money from each other to trade or buying on credit with a hope to pay and once the borrower could not pay, he/she will be required to work to pay back the debt. Sometimes, parents give their children out to work on farms or even marry them out to pay up debts. This was what was at play before the white man came. Suddenly, those who were cronic debtors and war prisoners were exchanged to the white man for cheap goods and services. This people were shipped without their consent to this world.

While this ensued, Ile-Ife,the cradle of civilization, home of all black people remained free and a place of peace. Any prisoner of war, once in Ile-Ife became free because every descendant of Yoruba traced their lineage to Oduduwa. Infact, this was the concept that was copied when Switzerland was named free zone during the two world wars.

Fact remains that Ethiopians left from Ile-Ife while those that founded Egypt left from Ethiopia. The first sets of pharoahs were all black. Fact remains that many of the early pharaohs including Queen Nefertiti were black.The facts that black people were first citizens of the world while the white people remain offsprings of the black race cannot be disproved.

The Spirituality of The First

His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ile-Ife, in his quest to bring peace to the world and stretch forth the hand of faith, love, partnership and prosperity to every black soul in the world believing the fact that all are descendants of Oduduwa. Kabiyesi (The King) is determined to spread the rebirth project to correct the unpublished facts and bring confidence back to our right of birth. As the first descendants of the world, we have been giving the right to own it by right of birth. No black person anywhere is born a slave. Today, Yorubas are in over 80 countries of the world commanding over 500 million people (98% of Cubans have been confirmed Yoruba).

Kabiyesi sits as the voice of 401 deities. 400 of the deities are spiritual while Kabiyesi is the only living deity. It is why when a new Ooni of Ife is selected from the royal families, the candidate will be in seclusion for 40 days and nights where he will converse with the deities and they will be on one accord. It is the reason why every new Ooni of Ife puts his agenda before the deities and requests their partnership. This is why
kabiyesi’s determination to unite all blacks has received the approval of the deities to forge on with this dream.

The Process of Rebirth

Like every new child about to be born, there is a bonding between the foetus and the mother. While the child grows in the mothers belly, he gets to know and feel his mother even from the womb. That bonding is strengthened to the day of birth. 7 days after delivery, the child will be given names. Most of the names given the child tell a story of his birth and lineage. It is the same process that you will experience during your visit. These are the process on your arrival: Once you arrive, you will be taking from the airport to the palace which is your home.

  • You will be rightly welcome with fanfare and glee.
  • You will experience true Yoruba culture.
  • You will visit key strategic tourist points that tells your story
  • You will be hosted by His Imperial Majesty who will tell the spirituality of the first
  • You will go through the naming ceremony and Oduduwa citizenship initiation
  • You will receive the certificate of birth and Oodua citizenship and a statue of Oduduwa
  • You will be hosted to a naming ceremony party

The Naming Ceremony Emblems

  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Palm oil
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Money

Rebirth Participants

Oodua Citizenship

Once you have gone through the rebirth process, you have been re-granted your citizenship that you have been so deprived for hundreds of years. You will no more be called an African American but an Oodua American. Here, you can see all other Africans, Cubans, South Americans etc as brothers without fear or fervour. With the authority of His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife who is the father of all Yorubas across the world, you can visit your birth place (Ile-Ife) at any time. Your certificate commands you the recognition of a through descendant of Oduduwa, our progenitor. You share a bond with over 500 million people of a race spread in over 80 countries of the world.

Osun state has several important towns & cities which include ILE-IFE, the source of Yoruba people through our progeneter father Oduduwa. The town is in the custody of His imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Babatunde Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja ll, the host of the maiden ILEYA OMO OODUA festival. The ancient town it rich in Yoruba culture and history& is indeed the birthplace of the Yorubas.

Ile-ife & Osun state as a whole has some beautiful places that will always excite visitors. Traditional place with rich culture that enchants & inspires, that protects the ancestral values, honour & respect of Yoruba people. Places that showcase Art, Craft & Tourism.

Participants Obtaining Their Certificate of Oodua Citizenship