Tourist Attractions in Ile-Ife


It is believed to be the staff of oranmiyan, the grandson of Oduduwa , who use to take it to war. The staff made of granite obelisk with iron Stud stands within the Oranmiyan shrine manned by a High chief who is believed to be the link between the dead and the living. The staff is reputed to prossess great powers & worshiped by many traditional rulers in the state.


Ife bronze was made in the 18th century & now a great collection of natural arts which international
tourist to the state want to see. Ife bronze is one of the best in the world, they were possibly made
when the neighbouring Benin.


Queen Moremi, according to Ife folklore, saved the ancient Yoruba town of Ile-Ife from raiders. It is said that Moremi allowed herself to be captured by the raiders so she could learn their secrets. History says these raiders usually came covered in palm fronds, to give them an ominous presence and some sense of invincibility. After Moremi learned about this secret in captivity, she escaped and returned to Ile-Ife, where she told her people that fire was the bane of the raiders, hence the peculiar torch-holding in all her statues. Late last month, the Ooni of Ife decided to pay homage to one of his ancestors.

Standing at 45 feet and the third tallest statue in Africa, Moremi’s statue of liberty was unveiled by the Ooni Adeola last week. The statue  was erected by “about 200 youths and all the materials used were sourced locally from the 774 local government areas in Nigeria,” according to the king’s Director of Media. The new Ooni of Ife has made some refreshing changes since he became King of Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba people of West Africa. His newest change is literally a head-turner. Erecting a statue for Moremi, who is one of the King’s ancestors, was probably nothing new. There are so many smaller statues of her scattered around Ile-Ife. The title “Moremi’s statue of Liberty” is the controversy.


History holds that the fourth Oba of Imesi planted the hills as a means of defending the community. The green hills were the setting for the Famous Kiriji war (Yoruba civil war). Imesi hill fascinates, there hills every
where, Imesi is a fiery hearth for tales, a factory for legends. She is a lovely song fashioned by nature, the endless white clouds of Imesi are another group of stunning, changing forms.


One of the fascinating natural sights to behold in the state. Also known as OLUMIRIN is a seven- level waterfall, seven waterfalls on top of each other. Its like seven gigantic stairs with water quashing from upstairs, and plenty of greens everywhere of course. Many people go to this waterfall during festive periods to enjoy the natural habitation.